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The West Story

Helping Ensure Safe Drug Administration
West Pharmaceutical Services is a leader in developing delivery systems that enhance the administration of pharmaceuticals. The products we make and the services we provide improve healthcare for people around the globe.

Chances are, West has already been a part of your life. You may have used a prescription drug that was safely packaged using West designed and manufactured components. You may have had your blood drawn for testing or donation with disposable devices that included West elastomeric components. Each and every day, millions of West’s products are used around the world.

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, the West name is well-known. In that global arena, West has earned the reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of products that ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care products.

Since its founding by Herman O. West in Philadelphia in 1923, our company has played a major role in advancing the progress of healthcare.

In its early years, West provided components for packaging injectable drugs. Our pioneering efforts enabled the widespread distribution of life-saving drugs such as penicillin and insulin.

Today, we can support our customers’ product development from the time an active molecule is discovered, through the clinical, commercial and post-commercial phases.

We are positioned to serve a global customer base, with headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania, and sales, manufacturing, and research and development centers in Asia and Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

West applies material expertise in elastomer, metal, plastic, and multi-material technologies. At this time, we incorporate clean room manufacturing and processing.

West facilities have earned appropriate ISO certifications and they comply with applicable Current Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, our facilities meet the standards for registration with the Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Agency as required.

Regulators are requiring drug companies to provide more and more data about the safety and effectiveness of their products. West Analytical Services can help to fulfill many of these needs by providing a variety of testing as part of the drug development process. West applies vast knowledge of closure technology and long-standing expertise with pharmaceutical regulatory issues to achieve high levels of quality, while at the same time, expediting development processes.

In May 2005, West acquired The Tech Group, Scottsdale, Ariz., a global leader in injection molding offering contract manufacturing solutions for pharmaceutical delivery systems, medical devices and personal care and consumer products. From design conceptualization to scale-up in support of full commercialization, The Tech Group has the experience and reputation of providing a significant and sustainable competitive advantage.

In August 2005, West acquired Medimop Medical Projects Ltd., Ra’anana, Israel, a leader in the world market for transfer, mixing and administration systems for injectable pharmaceuticals. In doing so, West gained the ability to design, develop and manufacture needle-free devices and product packaging systems that safely and efficiently connect, interface, mix and filter injectable drugs in vials, bags, ampoules and syringes. West offers a variety of products to meet drug formulation and disease-specific needs through products that offer users safer and simpler product handling, reduced medication errors and improved patient compliance.

Today's pharmaceutical and biotech discoveries lead to innovative new therapies that will become tomorrow's healthcare solutions. West is in the forefront of advancing those therapies with delivery systems that enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.