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"My name is Charlotte Staelens. I am currently doing an apprenticeship with West in Le Nouvion-en-Thierache to prepare a vocational training certificate as “Assistant of manager”. I spend half of each month at school and half at West in the Administrative Department. I have chosen this apprenticeship to complete my initial training, dedicated to the management of documentation. Furthermore, it allows me to develop my polyvalence on required skills and to professionally work in this both very dynamic and controlled pharmaceutical environment. Working at West brings me a lot of benefits including further improvement to my English skills."

Charlotte Staelens

Start your career with an exciting and challenging apprenticeship at West! You will experience diverse training modules and the opportunity to work on projects while rotating in different departments. You will achieve a best-in-class apprenticeship and you will experience the day-to-day business at West.

We are looking for creative, ambitious, customer-focused and goal-oriented team players, who are eager to face challenging assignments.

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