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How to join West in Ireland
Apprentices TGE offers a broad range of challenging apprenticeships for those who would like to take their first step to a prosperous future.
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As a new graduate, are you looking for an interesting and challenging job? TGE will be the right choice!
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TGE is looking for highly qualified and experienced people with a record of success who are committed to giving their best to drive the success of our business. Check the opportunities that best suit your goals! 
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Production staff

TGE offers a variety of jobs for people who are committed to working in teams.
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Application requirements

  • Cover letter
  • Full CV
  • References

TGE is also interested in unsolicited applications. If you do not find a suitable job opening, please send an application stating which type of job interests you and why. In addition, please describe your background, education and experience and enclose relevant references. If you are a qualified candidate and there is no suitable job available, we would retain your CV in our recruitment database for future reference.


Are you interested? Great! Have a look at our job opportunities.

Please send your application to our mailing address or