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West Introduces a Solution to Aid in Product Differentiation


Use of a specific color pattern for a container closure system and label may help health care providers and end users recognize a product at point of use.  Unique color combinations may help to differentiate a product from other, similar drug products.

West has introduced a new solution to assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in color selection, the online Seal Color Configurator.

“There are thousands of combinations,” noted Carol Mooney, Associate Director, Marketing Injectable Container Solutions, West. “Customers can create a truly unique look for their vial closure system that may facilitate easy, visual identification for their product in the market place.”

With a few simple clicks, the Configurator allows users to select a separate color for the Flip-Off button and for the aluminum shell to create a unique Flip-Off seal combination that supports a customer’s brand and establishes product identity in a competitive market. A sample label color can be selected to help customers match the seal to their primary and secondary labeling schemes. A visual representation of the vial system with the selected color combination can be saved and printed, so when customers are ready to call West, selected combinations are easily accessible.

Tamper-evident Flip-Off seals can authenticate a customer’s product, provide excellent machinability and help maintain closure integrity.

To view the Configurator, click here.

For more information about Flip-Off seals, visit                 

Flip-Off® is a registered trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.