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Introducing the West Intradermal Adapter

West Announces the Commercial Launch of a Novel Intradermal Adapter for Disposable Syringes
West is pleased to announce the commercial introduction of its ID Adapter. The adapter is designed to help improve the efficiency and reliability of intradermal (ID) injections for vaccines and other injectable drugs. The system will complement West’s portfolio of prefillable syringe offerings and technologies. Correctly administered ID injections can help conserve the supply of high-value vaccines, can provide patients significant benefit through more reliable injection, and have the potential to offer enhanced immunogenicity for difficult-to-treat populations.
The ID adapter makes intradermal injection easier and more consistent by guiding the angle and limiting the depth of needle insertion. Use of the ID adapter will provide an alternative to the Mantoux method, a technique that requires extensive training and experience to perform correctly and consistently.

The ID adapter:

  • Consists of a sterile, single-use injection-molded part
  • Snaps on to a 1mL staked needle disposable syringe with needles ½-inch long (27, 28, 29 gauge)
  • Guides the angle and limits the depth of needle penetration into the intradermal layer
  • Uses current drug/vaccine vials and commercially available syringes, minimizing disruptions to current clinical practice

The ID Adapter received 510(k) clearance in 2013. With the completion of the steps necessary to offer this system commercially, West is in a position to meet growing market demand in this area.

Click here for more information on the Intradermal Adapter technology.