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Expanding Needle Safety

Expanding Needle Safety with the NovaGuardTM Platform of Products
The World Health Organization estimates that of the 35 million healthcare workers world-wide, two million people suffer accidental needlestick injuries each year. That estimate may be low considering 40 percent of needlestick injuries are unreported. The most common causes of needlestick injuries are two-handed recapping, and the unsafe collection and disposal of sharps waste. Universal precautions such as elimination of needle recapping and using sharps containers for safe disposal, may reduce needlestick injuries by 80 percent. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that using safer medical devices could prevent anywhere from 60-88 percent of sharps injuries in hospitals.

While the industry has seen improvement, there needs to be ongoing development to create safer systems and practices. Systems that incorporate a safety mechanism can lower the risk of accidental needlesticks significantly and reduce costs.

NovaGuard SA*, formerly called the B.Safe syringe system technology, is now part of the NovaGuard platform of syringe safety systems that leverage West’s expertise in safe drug administration and needlestick prevention features. The NovaGuard SA system technology has been introduced to provide a global solution for needlestick prevention around a staked needle prefillable syringe systems. Multiple customers are evaluating NovaGuard SA, with first commercial supply last year, and capacity expansion ongoing to meet increasing market demand.

NovaGuard SA is a cost-effective alternative to existing safety systems on the market. System features include:

  •  A tamper-evident needle shield
  •  Break-resistant design that does not put pressure on the flange during assembly
  •  Suitable for all ISO standard glass and polymer syringes
  •  Bulk packaged to facilitate the assembly process without the risk of pre-activation

“Every day, injectable drugs utilizing West technologies are administered to improve the lives of millions of patients around the world,” said Graham Reynolds, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation. “It is essential that these drugs are delivered as safely as possible so patients and healthcare workers alike are not put at risk. With our NovaGuard family of dependable, easy-to-use safety products, we are able to meet growing market demand for safe drug delivery solutions worldwide and work together with our customers to create a healthier world.”

West’s most established safety product is the erisTM system, also used for staked needle prefillable syringes. Over 1.3 billion eris systems have been used to date to help protect healthcare workers, patients and caregivers from the risk of a needlestick injury. eris is not available for sale in North America.

The range of solutions also includes NovaGuard LP, a passive safety system for Luer Lock syringes, that features a plastic shield that surrounds the needle before injection, leaving only the needle tip exposed for injection site orientation. West has received 510k clearance for the NovaGuard LP.

For more information about the NovaGuard product portfolio, contact your account manager or visit

NovaGuardTM and erisTM are trademarks of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.
*For investigational use only by our pharmaceutical and biotechnology development partners. West markets the NovaGuard SA technology as an integrated system. Final assembly is completed by the pharmaceutical company.