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Creating a Verification Process, Not an Inspection Process


Join West’s Peg Frandolig, Technical Customer Support Manager, at the  PDA 2011 Visual Inspection Forum, Oct 3-6, 2011, where she will present a poster on the verification process.

Good pharmaceutical practice requires the individual physical inspection of drug product container closure systems in order to reject those showing evidence of contamination with visible foreign material. Drug products in the biopharmaceutical area are scrutinized for particle reduction, but packaging components are an important subset of this process. 

Component manufactures can contribute to reducing particulate matter in finished drug products by supplying closures virtually free of embedded and adhered particles. Vision inspection of components leads to improved upstream quality in the closure manufacturing process; verification of this improvement provides a lower risk for rejecting the final drug product due to particulate and foreign material.  

The presentation will cover:

  • Continuous improvement of closure manufacturing for improved inspection and reduced rejects
  • Foreign matter sources, mitigating those risks for improved product quality
  • Vision inspection case study with supporting data and business case analysis

Learn more about the conference or register to attend here:

To receive a copy of the poster after the presentation, send an e-mail with “Poster Request” in the subject line to