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Reducing Waste in IV Administration


Vial2Bag® Needleless Reconstitution System Offers a Flexible Solution

In the hospital setting, the preparation of a single dose intravenous (IV) solution has long fallen to on-site pharmacy providers. Often, those pharmacies are not available 24-hours a day, and IV solutions are prepared prior to close of business for potential use during the night – a practice that can result in drug product waste.

Point-of-care providers now have a more flexible solution that enables trained caregivers to mix/activate a single dose IV at a patient’s bedside. The Vial2Bag needleless reconstitution system enables safe and convenient reconstitution and trans­fer of a drug between a vial or syringe and an IV bag. To help reduce drug product waste, the system can be connected at time of need instead of prior to use, which can be particularly important for high-value drug products or products with limited availability.

“The Vial2Bag system may help increase patient safety, and streamline and lessen costs in the health care system,” said Glen Zimmermann, Associate Director Marketing, Administration Systems, Americas. “Vial2Bag is an easy, needleless solution that can mitigate risk for the caregiver and offer flexibility for the drug product manufacturer thanks to a universal design that fits any IV bag system. It’s an excellent solution for point-of-care IV dosage needs.”

The Vial2Bag system includes 13mm and 20mm male Luer vial adapters and connects through the IV set port. The drug vial connects to the Vial2Bag system with a male Luer vial adapter. Diluent is transferred from the IV bag to the vial for drug reconstitution. The reconstituted drug is then transferred from the vial back to the bag. The system helps provide transfer of the full dose to the IV bag for administration. Standard Luer syringes also can be connected to the Vial2Bag system.

West offers the Vial2Bag system to acute care hospitals, surgical centers, in-home health providers and closed-door pharmacy providers through a distribution agreement with Progressive Medical, Inc. (PMI), a National Specialty Dealer. PMI focuses its distribution efforts on high-quality products that help to improve patient safety and streamline hospital procedures.

View a product demonstration of Vial2Bag.

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The Vial2Bag system was designed by Medimop Medical Projects Ltd., a West com­pany, and is 510(k) cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration and carries the CE mark.