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PFS Safety Solutions
Whether an injectable drug is administered by a trained professional or a non-professional care giver, the threat of an accidental needlestick injury is an ever-present danger. Needlestick injuries are not only painful, they can expose the injured person to conditions such as Hepatitis B and HIV. What's more, a needlestick injury could trigger a costly investigation.
Packaging your drug in a prefillable syringe with a safety feature such as West's NovaGuard needle safety systems will provide protection for health care workers and patients against accidental needlestick injuries.

West also provides a solution for easier intradermal injection. The ID adapter makes intradermal (ID) injection easier and more consistent by guiding the angle and limiting the depth of needle insertion. This novel injection aid technology is designed for use with 1 mL disposable syringes.


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Intradermal Adapter
Nova Guard SA
Nova Guard LP