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Intradermal Adapter

A Solution for Easier Intradermal Injection

The ID adapter makes intradermal (ID) injection easier and more consistent by guiding the angle and limiting the depth of needle insertion. This novel injection aid technology is designed for use with 1 mL disposable syringes.

Features of the ID adapter
  • Consists of a sterile, single-use injection-molded part
  • Snaps on to a 1 mL staked needle disposable allergy syringe with needles ½-inch long (27, 28, 29 gauge)
  • Guides the angle and limits the depth of needle penetration into the intradermal layer 
  • Uses current drug/vaccine vials and commercially available syringes, minimizing disruptions to current clinical practice
Benefits of the ID adapter
  • Provides for consistent ID injections 
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Minimal end-user training

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