Streamline Your Filling Process
With Westar RS, you can eliminate many of the steps required for stopper preparation.

Large-Volume Parenterals

Quality and Safety in Drug Packaging
West’s stoppers maintain the quality and safety of drugs packaged in large volume for parenteral and infusion and intravenous delivery. West manufactures its products from innovative, universally applicable elastomeric formulations and in configurations suitable for most parenteral uses. West recommends stopper formulations that meet the standards of European and United States Pharmacopoeia, and most customers find them to be appropriate for their drug product delivery systems. For drugs with special characteristics, West applies its research, technical and engineering services to develop an alternative that meets the customer’s requirements.

West’s tamper-evident Flip-Off® and Flip-Top® seals help manufacturers ensure patient safety and product security. West’s seals help maintain container closure integrity and provide excellent machineability on high-speed filling lines.

Flip-Off® and Flip-Top® are registered trademarks of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.



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