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Syringe Components

An ideal choice for single-dose drugs, prefillable syringes offer easy-to-use fixed dose options that not only help pharmaceutical companies control costs by minimizing drug overfill, but also help to minimize microbial contamination and reduce medication dosing errors.

West offers :


      NovaPure Plungers
made from West’s most
modern, best-in-class
elastomeric formulations and developed to optimize performance and consistency
        of injection time in auto-injectors.

         Tip Caps

Fit most standard
        prefillable syringes, not
 made from dry natural rubber
and comply with U.S and
European pharmacopoeias.

  Westar® Ready-to-Use Sterilization

process at West that
simplifies drug development
strategy and streamlines


Packaging Options

West offers packaging
options designed to ensure
our components are easily integrated into customers’
manufacturing operations and
  with the flexibility to meet the
needs throughout the entire
lifecycle of the drug product.

Rigid and Soft
Needle Shields

         For insert- and
staked-needle prefillable
syringes. The special design
of the rigid needle shield
allows for easy and safe
removal from the syringe.

Plunger rods
and backstops that
provide durable options
for better functionality
and optimal delivery
during drug administration.

NovaPure®​ and Westar®​ are registered trademarks of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.​