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Self-Injection Technologies

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies face extraordinary challenges. They are challenged with reducing regulatory and supply chain risk, while accelerating drug product development and ensuring product quality and patient safety. And they are challenged with selecting a delivery system that will be intuitive to use, as medication non-adherence is a leading cause of poor clinical outcomes and increased healthcare costs.

West has several options for partnering with customers that will enhance self-injection experience while mitigating risk. In addition West has collaborated with HealthPrize Technologies to integrate HealthPrize's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) medication adherence and patient engagement platform with West's injectable drug delivery systems.

West offers:

        SmartDose® Technology Platform

West’s revolutionary SmartDose technology platform has been tested in humans and is ready for your clinical trials today.


        HealthPrize Collaboration 
  Connecting self-injection
systems with training,
education and rewards to increase adherence and
improve outcomes.

Self Injector
 Provides patient
controlled self injection
to minimize


















to provide an optimum
solution for self injection
of a fixed-needle prefilled syringe.





















SmartDose®, ConfiDose® and SelfDose® are registered trademarks of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.