The Clear Advantage
Vials manufactured from Daikyo Crystal Zenith provide superior performance for high-value drug products.

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Ready-to-Use Vials
Seeking a ready-to-use solution for your packaging needs?  Ready-to-use vials are available in Daikyo Crystal Zenith resin or glass to ensure that a wide variety of drug application needs are met.


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Daikyo Crystal Zenith® – The Clear Advantage in Pharmaceutical Packaging
Glass-like transparency and superior packaging attributes make Daikyo Crystal Zenith resin the ideal choice for packaging sensitive biologics and other drug products, including oncology drug products, products that react with glass, and freeze-dried or protein-based products. 

Recent market recalls have been caused by glass breakage, delamination and particulate.  These issues could adversely affect the health of patients and create a serious financial burden on the drug manufacturer.  A Crystal Zenith vial offers a solution to these problems.  Manufactured from a break-resistant cyclic olefin polymer, Crystal Zenith vials are an ideal solution to issues associated with glass.


Crystal Zenith resin:


  • Helps keep packaged drugs pure by reducing exposure to extractables and leachables
  • Reduces the risk of protein aggregation caused by silicone oil in the drug product
  • Helps maintain seal integrity and assure consistent filling line performance
  • Helps reduce in-process loss and returns due to breakage
  • Has low moisture permeability and extractables
  • Suitable for low temperature storage
  • Eliminates issues related to delamination and contamination from glass particulate

Read West’s scientific poster, Detecting Siliceous Flakes in Glass Containers using Microscopic Techniques or visit Tech News & Views for more detailed information about siliceous flakes. Visit for additional information and solutions.

Vials for Lyophilized Drugs
Glass pharmaceutical vials are made to withstand the stress of lyophilization. Tight manufacturing controls achieve a consistently flat base to maximize shelf contact within the lyophilization chamber.

Vial Blowback Feature
Glass vials are engineered with a blowback feature – a circular depression in the crown – to prevent the stopper from dislodging. Many West stoppers have a corresponding locking characteristic that works in tandem with the vial.

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