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Laboratory Expertise

A Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise
Among the challenges of pharmaceutical product development is selecting and testing an appropriate packaging system or delivery device. Companies may not have experienced staff or resources to conduct the required laboratory work.

West’s wealth of knowledge and experience in laboratory testing and regulatory guidances helps customers mitigate the risks associated with package selection and keeps product development moving forward.  

West’s laboratory professionals test and evaluate the compatibility of drug products with their packaging or administration system for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients. The laboratory team works closely with clients to ensure that analytical testing meets appropriate methods, including those listed in the USP, Ph.Eur., ISO and other global agencies.

West’s experienced chemists and technicians understand the material, chemical and functionality compatibility between drug products and their packaging and administration systems. Our focus and expertise is solely on testing administration systems, devices and packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

West is your trusted source for:

  • Extractables and leachables testing
  • Container Closure Integrity Testing
  • Compendial testing
  • Problem resolution
  • Functionality testing
  • Process validation and qualification testing

By relying on West’s analytical and project management expertise, clients can focus their resources on what they do best – discovering and developing new drugs – and don’t have to expend valuable resources testing packaging and drug administration systems.

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