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Package / Container Testing

To meet client needs and regulatory requirements, West Analytical Services provides test methods that can be applied to packaging where container closure integrity, permeation rates, or functionality are of concern. Standard test method offerings are also available in support of process validation and West supports a variety of compendial testing required for package qualification including:      

  • Functionality
    • Break loose and extrusion
    • Tip cap/needle shield removal force
    • Rod pull out force
    • Needle removal force
    • Piston removal force
    • Needle penetration and insertion force
    • Residual seal force
  • Process Validation / Qualification
    • Karl Fisher Moisture
    • Silicon Analysis
    • Ash
    • Micro hardness
    • Swelling
    • CCI
  • Compendial
    • USP for rubber,  glass, plastic
    • USP for Bio Reactivity
    • EP for rubber, glass, plastic
    • JP for rubber, glass, plastic
    • ISO for syringes 

Please click here to contact us to discuss your needs for package and container testing.