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Problem Resolution

West Analytical Services personnel work closely with clients to resolve problems. West’s team approach to problem resolution combines strong analytical capabilities and continuous communication to reduce down time and minimize the cost of analysis.

Services Include:

  • Glass delamination, Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy (DICM)
  • Identification of unknown particles and foreign particulate matter (Microscopy: Optical, FTIR, SEM, EDS)
  • Particle counting
  • Tungsten analysis
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Defect evaluation
  • Silicon oil analysis
  • Material identification / characterization (TGA, DSC, ATR / FTIR, LC/MS/MS, GC/MS, Pyrolysis FTIR, Optical and FTIR Microscopy)  

Please click here to contact us to discuss your needs for process development and problem resolution.