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Our Capabilities

You need an exceptional manufacturing partner. Because the products we manufacture are critical to saving lives around the world, West delivers high-quality components and devices that meet global regulatory, market and patient requirements.

Concept Development and DFM


The earlier we are involved in a program, the better. Our focus is on manufacturing efficiencies and new technology. Being involved during early phases of product development enables West to optimize the design, which can yield significant short-term and long-term benefits. These benefits include improved cycle times, lower scrap, lower capital costs and lower long-term maintenance costs. Additionally, we have material experts that can identify the right materials for your application.

Our design services include:
  • Design Concept Development
  • Design Exploration
  • Mechanical Design Refinement
  • Mechanical Design Release
  • Design Verification
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis

Product Design


Through strategic partnerships, the West Contract Manufacturing team offers a wide spectrum of product design services, including disposable product applications and electromechanical assemblies.
  • User research
  • Interface design
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical design
  • Prototyping

Prototypes and Pre-production


Product success takes more than just a great idea. It takes industry knowledge and attention to the smallest detail. At West, our engineers take an innovative yet scientific approach to the development of your product. We look at how to make the design manufacturable by incorporating our expertise in the design and fabrication of molded and assembled components.
Our product development services include:
  • Collaborative, cross-functional engineering teams
  • Global development and manufacturing deployment
  • Prototype development and sourcing
  • Design for manufacturability

Mold Construction


West Contract Manufacturing facilities have been building high-quality complex injection molds since 1967. We use that knowledge to meet customer needs by changing the way molds are made. Our team applies a series of standards to every aspect of mold construction. These standards are integrated in every mold design – whether built internally or externally through one of our strategic suppliers. We leverage our mold construction knowledge with our manufacturing experience to design and build the highest quality molds.
Key elements include:
  • Rapid mold development for early stage evaluation
  • Global mold design practices
  • Internal mold manufacturing
  • Approved external supplier network
  • Technology integration that increases output and longevity of the mold

Process Development


At West, the products we make are just as important as the way we make them. That's why we use a scientific, data-driven approach to discover and document the optimum process parameters for your project. Our modern injection molding machines are tailored to your project's specifications and monitored to maximize quality and efficiency. The result is a reliable and repeatable process.
Our process development services include:
  • Decoupled 2&3 process development
  • Extensive use of DOEs to help define processes
  • IQ/OQ/PQ protocols that ensure a robust production process
  • Incorporation of “Advanced Process Monitoring”
  • Archived data for continuous improvement and root cause analysis

Injection Molding


West is a preferred supplier of injection molded parts to the world's Fortune 500 customers. For nearly 50 years, we've earned our dependable reputation through precision, customer service and attention to detail. From cleanroom manufacturing environments to the latest in process monitoring technology, we're continually expanding our capabilities to meet the needs of a changing global market.
Our molding capabilities include:
  • Seven ISO certified production facilities worldwide
  • More than 300 molding machines worldwide
  • ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms (molding and assembly)
  • Real time process monitoring
  • Specialized Molding - Multi-shot, Insert, LSR, Optical   

Assembly Solutions


For customers seeking value-added assembly, the West Contract Manufacturing team has significant and broad-based experience with assembling products. Our experience spans from multi-component, complex assemblies that are manually assembled to high-speed assembly systems built by some of the world’s leading automation integrators. West Contract Manufacturing facilities have more than 50 assembly cells in operation. and we integrate more than two billion assemblies annually.
Our assembly services include:
  • Injection molding with fully-integrated downstream assembly
  • Dedicated, ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanroom assembly
  • Primary and secondary packaging 
  • Drug repackaging and label reconciliation
  • Needle handling, UV bonding, laser etching, printing, welding, leak testing   
If you are interested in receiving further information on the West Contract Manufacturing team, click here to contact us.