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Haarlander - Flurotec

By Tara Haarlander

September 10, 2021

One of the challenges of sharing technical content is making the material engaging and easily digestible to many different types of learners. It must not only be scientifically accurate, but also needs to capture and keep the attention of the intended audience. The Knowledge Center on West’s website is a valuable repository of written and presented materials, created by the experts who develop and test our products. It is also now home to the Learning Center, a section of the Knowledge Center that shares information on a more introductory level, aimed at new employees or companies that are new to packaging. In an effort to continue enhancing our website content, we are now also starting to add new types of media. In the age of podcasts and vlogs (video blogs), we understand that video and audio are just as helpful (maybe more so!) for people trying to grasp a new concept.

By Amy Miller & Jennifer Riter

February 17, 2012

Amy Miller and Jennifer Riter

Extractables from elastomeric components become an issue even before a pharmaceutical drug makes contact with the elastomeric component. The suitability of the elastomer and the drug product needs to be taken into consideration at the development stage of the packaging and delivery system for the drug product. The potential for an extractable to leach into the drug product and the impact that leachable will have on the drug’s stability, efficacy and toxicity needs to be scientifically evaluated.