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West Learning Center

By Tara Haarlander

March 24, 2021

Our vision for the West Knowledge Center has always been to deliver a digital platform full of the most cutting-edge science and product information to further support our customers and potential customers in their search for packaging and device solutions and services. But what about individuals who are new to the industry? Where do they go to gain a strong foundation in these areas to figure out exactly what they need?

Integrated Solutions Program Graph

By Shari Krusniak

September 11, 2020

West is pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed Integrated Solutions interactive webpage. After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to offer this dynamic page to help deliver insightful and meaningful content to our customers with an improved user experience.

By Your Side for Collaboration

By Valerie Bomberger

April 20, 2020

Information is a powerful tool and West’s Knowledge Center has been updated to provide our customers with an improved user experience. We’ve completed a comprehensive overhaul of the Knowledge Center user interface, including a filter-based search design, more modern look and feel, and easy access to trending articles, new content, and FAQ’s answered by West Subject Matter Experts.


By Tara Haarlander

August 22, 2019

In our last update, we mentioned that we were using real-time data and analytics to guide content growth. Every six months we analyze which of our Knowledge Center categories are the most popular. If a category is heavily accessed, our experts in those areas work to deliver even more cutting-edge information for customers.

What's New In the West Knowledge Center

By Tara Haarlander

April 16, 2019

West has been busy behind the scenes building our offerings in the West Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center launched just over a year ago, and since then we’ve more than doubled our content based on customer requests and real-time data and analytics.