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Rigid Needle Shield

By Page McAndrew

December 15, 2017

The needle of a pre-filled syringe is extremely important. From manufacture, through packaging/transportation, to patient delivery – if the needle is not protected, the drug product cannot be delivered effectively.  To protect needles to ensure patient safety, West has developed Rigid Needle Shields (RNS) in two sizes: 1/2” for subcutaneous injections (e.g., heparins) and 5/8” for intramuscular injections (e.g., vaccines). RNS consist of a two-part system – a soft rubber inner shell and a perforated, hard polypropylene outer shell. This system maintains container closure integrity (CCI) for both an ISO 11040 glass syringe with staked needle, and a polymer-based syringe (e.g., Daikyo Crystal Zenith® insert needle syringe).