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Vial Container Closures

By Anthony Bucci

December 23, 2019

Selecting the best vial container closure system (CCS) components and capping process for a drug product ensures optimal performance and patient safety. An optimized CCS requires compatible components (rubber stopper, aluminum seal, glass or polymer vial) and proper capping setup. This provides predictable sealing performance, which maintains the container closure integrity (CCI) needed for patient safety and visual acceptance.

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By West's Technical Customer Support Team

April 01, 2015

Trend #1 – Particulate, particulate, particulate

This industry buzzword of the last few years is not going anywhere in 2015. Particulate reduction will continue to be the area of focus for all container closure systems, including the traditional vial/stopper/seal combination. For glass and elastomer manufacturers, the emphasis will be on reducing foreign material in the manufacturing process through enhanced gowning and environmental controls, elimination of sources of cellulose, equipment maintenance, and placing increased pressure on their raw material suppliers. Pharmaceutical companies will need to evaluate if older components will meet the modern particulate requirements of the market.