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Prefilled Glass Syringes with NovaPure plungers

By Mary Tan

January 25, 2021

One of the main risks associated with drug delivery via vial containment systems is particles that can result from fragmentation and coring of rubber stoppers subjected to needle or spike punctures. This risk can be mitigated by using prefilled syringe systems, whereby the drug dosage has been filled into the syringe by the drug manufacturer. The drug dosage is then administered by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. A prefilled syringe system generates fewer particles during drug administration, as compared to a vial containment system. Furthermore, this form of drug delivery system ensures efficiency and greater convenience.

Vial Containment Systems

By Page McAndrew

December 20, 2019

Recently, there has been discussion in the industry regarding the utility of polymer-based vial containment systems for the storage and transport of gene therapy drug products, which can be performed as low as -80oC. Since it is known that all polymers are gas permeable, discussion has centered on whether polymer-based systems can sufficiently restrict ingress of oxygen (during refrigerated storage) and carbon dioxide (during transport on dry ice).

Ready Pack System

By Frederike Ferber

March 22, 2018

The definitions of personalized medicine vary. However, all of them indicate that the once popular therapy approach of “one drug fits all” is outdated. The Council of the European Union defines personalized medicine as “[p]roviding the right treatment to the right patient, at the right dose at the right time.”[1].