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When we look to the future, we are pleased to be able to continue to work with partners like west- Adam McCulley, Head of Procurement at Civica.

By Adam McCulley

September 15, 2023

I am the Head of Procurement for Civica, one of West’s customers.
Civica is working to solve two big problems in U.S. healthcare - drug shortages and predatory pricing. Our mission is to ensure quality generic and biosimilar medications are available and affordable to everyone.

I feel lucky to work at West- John Phelan, Manager, Production, Waterford

By John Phelan

August 10, 2023

I am the Production Manager at our Waterford manufacturing site in Ireland. I have worked at West since 2018 and was the Area Manager for Waterford’s Finishing Department until I was promoted in November 2022.

“We don’t feel like a supplier – we feel like a partner in the truest sense.”- Hans-Joachim Wickert, MD, Wickert Maschinenbau.

By Hans-Joachim Wickert

July 13, 2023

My grandfather started Wickert in 1901. He was a blacksmith who was involved in the production of horseshoes – the tires of their time! Living in an area with plenty of vineyards, the company went on to make wine presses before switching to rubber presses after WW2.
The invention of the rubber sole for shoes completely changed the company’s destiny. A lot more presses were needed to produce the soles – so production ramped up. This specialism eventually led Wickert on to creating presses for pharmaceutical rubbers. And that’s where our story and West’s come together.

At West, we say everything we produced had a patient name on it, it also had a team member’s name on it - Todd Sowinski

By Todd Sowinski

June 08, 2023

Prior to joining West in 2015, I had a 24-year military career where I gained considerable experience in crisis management. During that time, I spent several years deployed overseas, spending long periods of time away from my family while serving in challenging environments. My service also included supporting the City of Philadelphia and surrounding counties during several declared States of Emergency. We spent many days and night running 24/7 crisis and emergency response operations including sending soldiers and vehicles on missions in support of local emergency services, first responder, and healthcare personnel.

The story of how West without Borders begin shared by Team Member, Laura Pitt, West Pharmaceutical Services

By Laura Pitt

May 18, 2023

My greatest achievement is founding West without Borders*
I’ve worked at West for 21 years! One of my friends approached me and said he would love it if I joined West. He kept telling me what a great company West was and eventually I agreed. I loved the job in the sales department because I got to work with a lot of bold personalities. I’m very outgoing and talkative and so are account managers.

Story of Novo Nordisk and West with Customer, Lene Hylling Axelsson, Novo Nordisk

By Lene Hylling Axelsson

May 02, 2023

Today I am a Senior Vice President at Novo Nordisk one of West’s biggest customers.

A few years ago, I used to work quite closely with the West team. I clearly remember my first negotiations with West. Our interactions gave me the feeling that your team members had a deep understanding of our patients, the urgency of the particular matter we were negotiating about. I was under no mistake that their attitude and behavior towards my organization demonstrated a thorough wish to continue working together for many years to come.