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November 09, 2017

Vial2Bag® DC Admixture System - Direct Connection of Vial and IV Solution in Hospital Settings

Reducing expenses and improving workflow continue to be top priorities for hospitals. Hospital pharmacies worldwide are challenged to improve drug supply and reduce drug waste, while enhancing the care of patients. The Vial2Bag&reg; DC admixture system helps accomplish all these points.<br />
Henrik Hornsved

Henrik Hornsved

Principal, TCS, Commercial

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NovaGuard SA Pro Instructions for Use

October 16, 2017

Are You Protected Against Needle Stick Injuries?

Birgit Mueller

Dr. Birgit Müller-Chorus

Principal Technical Subject Matter Expert PFS, TCS

Educational series

October 10, 2017

West Educational Series – Managing Risk in Injectable Drugs

Page McAndrew

Page McAndrew

Director, Scientific Communications, Scientific Affairs & Technical Services

RNS Caps

October 06, 2017

West RNS™ caps Now Available in Two Designs: ½’’ and ⅝’’ – We’ve got it covered

Christa Jansen-Otten

Christa Jansen-Otten

Director, Product Management, PFS & Delivery

NanoPass MicronJet600 and West's Intradermal Adapter

July 06, 2017

New Technology for Delivery of Vaccines

Doug Hostetler

Doug Hostetler

Principle SME, Admin. Systems, TCS

Rigid Needle Shields

June 12, 2017

West to Highlight Rigid Needle Shields for Prefilled Syringes at PDA Europe Annual Meeting

Mike Schaefers

Mike Schaefers

VP, Global Product Management and Marketing Operations

The SmartDose Platform in use

April 05, 2017

Drug Pipeline Driving Market Needs for Delivery System Technologies

Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio

VP, Scientific Affairs & Technical Services

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