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April 19, 2019

Protecting Drug Products - FluroTec® Barrier Film

Primary packaging components come in intimate contact with drug products &ndash; they can affect both drug product and patient safety. Many elastomer components are offered with a FluroTec<sup>&reg;</sup> film that serves as a chemical barrier to minimize the migration of compounds from the elastomer into the drug product. FluroTec film comprises an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene co-polymer (ETFE) &ndash; selected based upon flexibility, ability to be laminated to an elastomer, and of course, permeability resistance.
Janina Lehmann

Janina Lehmann

Director, TCS

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Grace Knickerbocker

Exton Communications Team Intern

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Haley Boardman

Technical Account Specialist, TCS, NA

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Bettine Boltres

Manager, Technical Account, TCS EU

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Susan Dounce

Principal SME, Prefilled Syringes, Crystal Zenith, Combination Products

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Marc Uerdingen

Marc Uerdingen

Technical Account Manager, TCS

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