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October 20, 2017

Adding Color to Your Closure Choices

<p>Color has a surprising number of uses in injectables packaging.</p> <p>European guidance states that &ldquo;similarity in packaging which contributes to medication error can be reduced by the judicious use of color on the pack&rdquo; &sup1;. Draft guidance issued by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA)&sup2; similarly recommends that &ldquo;sponsors use color prudently to bring attention to the product name, strength, and important warning(s).&rdquo; Color &ndash; when applied thoughtfully and with full awareness of the context in which the drug will be used&nbsp;&ndash; can be an important way for manufacturers to help practitioners and patients differentiate products and support their correct use.</p>
Michelle Deutsch

Michelle Deutsch

Manager, Product Management

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Miriam Beyer

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Andrea Straka

Senior Specialist, Scientific Communications/TCS

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Miriam Beyer

Marketing Manager, Vial Containment & Delivery

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Jess Bohn

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