LyoSeal® - 20 mm cap

Instant sealing for lyophilized drugs

Freeze-drying is a sensitive process associated with a range of challenges for product loss. These range from vial closure issues resulting in vacuum loss, to process related issues of glass breakage in the lyo chamber or during crimping. The LyoSeal cap is made of plastic designed for instant vial closure within the lyo chamber. It is a secondary closure to protect and preserve vacuum while simplifying the capping process.

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Only plastic caps allow lyophilization and capping to happen in one step, providing instant sealing. LyoSeal brand offers a new capping solution for 20 mm closures for lyophilized drugs, constructed entirely of medical-grade polypropylene. For optimal results, the LyoSeal cap is recommended with one of two widely used West lyo stoppers and ISO non-blowback vials size 20R or larger (20 mm crown finish).

LyoSeal Attribute Table

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