Veterinary Drug Packaging Solutions

Quality Drug Product Containment & Delivery for Your Best Friend

West has partnered with drug companies to provide veterinary care products for more than 10 years. Our products help to ensure the quality and efficacy of the drugs given to our beloved companions. We collaborate with animal health care companies to provide containment and delivery solutions that help keep our pets healthy, comfortable and safe – just like one of the family.

More and more cultures now regard companion animals as beloved family members – and maintaining a pet’s health and well-being is essential to ensuring a harmonious home. As pets become cherished family members, there is a growing need for higher quality veterinary care products.

Whether it’s for humans or animals, drug products require primary containment that is suited to the unique needs of the drug itself. West offers a variety of containment options for pet drug products – including stoppers, seals, prefillable syringe components and combination product delivery systems that are designed to ensure that pets have safe and effective drug delivery options.

AccelTRA™ Components:
Need components fast?  The AccelTRA Component Program offers market leading delivery times and a single next generation formulation for stoppers. The AccelTRA Program can help manufacturers meet increasing quality standards, ensure fast response to market volatility and move product to market quickly.
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Westar® Components:
Looking for a flexible component solution in ready to sterilize or ready to use options? Westar® Ready-to-Use (RU) or Ready-to-Sterilize (RS) stoppers can help streamline preparation and deliver a consistent product for use in fill-finish operations.
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Ready Pack® Components:
Need a ready-to-use system for vial containment and delivery?  Try West Ready Pack Components. The system includes high-quality primary and secondary packaging components, sterilized NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® seals and vials. Provided ready to use with small quantity availability, the Ready Pack system is particularly suited for small filling operations.
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