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Challenges: Traditional packaging solutions may fall short on complex molecules​

Drugs are becoming increasingly complex, requiring extra protection and higher quality and performance standards than traditional packaging components. By using existing package with your new drug, you may experience issues such as inconsistent performance, malfunctions, container closure integrity failures, or slower injection rates. In addition, quality expectations continue to increase, and regulatory requirements are more stringent and faster evolving than ever. Packaging you used successfully in the past may not meet the rising standards. By continuing to approach packaging in this way, you may risk delaying your launch, losing first to market advantage, failing your patients, and falling short of revenue and market share expectations.​
Complex Molecules

Five Benefits of NovaPure Components​



Components for vial, prefilled syringe, and cartridge systems in different sizes, supporting full development lifecycle for your drugs products.​


Minimize Particulate Risk​

Meet rising particulate standards with West’s highest quality components with best-in-class visible and subvisible particulate specifications.​


Protect Your Drug

With FluroTec™ barrier film and B2-Coating you will minimize packaging interactions with your drug product and reduce the risk of adsorption and absorption.


Risk Mitigation

NovaPure components undergo 100% Envision Verification, minimizing the chances for end of line failures and potential recalls.​


Design Excellence

Developed using Quality by Design principles, NovaPure components ensure dimensional control, consistency of delivery and reduced performance variability.​

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Partner with West’s cutting-edge primary packaging technologies for your complex drug molecules

NovaPure® - Highest quality components trusted by approved biologics

Image West NovaPure® primary packaging technologies
Mitigate the Risk with Unwanted Stopper Interactions

Mitigate risk as you protect lyo and liquid drugs from visible, subvisible particles and unwanted stopper interactions.

Protect your drug components

Protect your drug with components of superior quality that allow you to choose your preferred/differentiated delivery system.

Optimize syringe performance by reducing plunger variability

Optimize syringe performance by reducing plunger variability and reducing the amount of free silicone oil while maximizing quality.

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