Regulatory Compliance Bulletins

Our compliance bulletins provide key regulatory information typically requested by customers regarding their West component(s). Below are the compliance bulletins that West shares with its valued customers for a selection of our products.

If the compliance bulletin that you are looking for is not available, please contact us at specifying your 8-digit West item number and your exact requirement(s).

For the convenience of our valued customers, we are pleased to be able to offer customer-level access to the following compliance bulletins. If you would like to request customer-level access, please register using the link below. 

Non-Customer Content

Customer Content

Regulatory Compliance Bulletins

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 1816 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4023/50 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4025/50 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4031/45 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4110/40 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4405/50 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4416/50 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4432/50 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4588/40 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 4780/40 Cream

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 7025/65 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 7028/55 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 7448/50 Black

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 7771/35 Cream

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: 7778/40 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: B2 Coating

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: FluroTec

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: PH 21/50 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: PH/4002 45 Red

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: PH 4104/40 Gray

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: PH 701/50 C Black

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: Seals with or without Flip Off Button

Regulatory Compliance Bulletin for: Teflon2

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