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八月 06, 2020

West's Integrated Solutions - Reducing Risks

In 2011, the US FDA issued an advisory regarding the potential formation of glass lamellae in vials containing injectable drugs. This was in response to several drug recalls in 2010-11. The number of glass-related drug recalls has since declined greatly. This no doubt is due to key actions taken by pharmaceutical manufacturers before the drug goes to market, even during the development phases.
JiaMin Boo

Jia Min Boo

Technical Account Specialist, TCS, Jurong

Dynamic Sealing Container Closure Testing

三月 23, 2020

Dynamic Sealing Performance of Container Closure Systems at Low Temperature

Qingyu Zeng

Qingyu Zeng Ph.D.

Fellow Scientist and Technical Director, Scientific Insights Lab

Three Insights

二月 28, 2020

Three Insights from Pharmapack 2020

Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio

Chief Scientific Officer

Capped Vials

十二月 09, 2019

Evaluation of Container Systems with Residual Seal Force (RSF)

Mary Tan

Mary Tan

Specialist, Scientific Affairs, Singapore, Jurong

Introducing Integrated Solutions

十一月 07, 2019

West Celebrates the One-Year Anniversary of Integrated Solutions

Michele Pelkowski

Michele Pelkowski

Sr. Director, Global Communications

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