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三月 23, 2020

Dynamic Sealing Performance of Container Closure Systems at Low Temperature

With the advancement of high-value biologic,<span> gene, and cell therapy drugs, there is a growing interest in assessment of container closure systems (CCS) at the low temperatures experienced during processing, storage, and shipment. A vial-based CCS is usually capped at room temperature, but thereafter it may be exposed to low temperature conditions (0<sup>o</sup>C to -180<sup>o</sup>C), depending on both the drug characteristics and the expected duration of storage. </span>
Qingyu Zeng

Qingyu Zeng Ph.D.

Fellow Scientist and Technical Director, Scientific Insights Lab

Zwick/Roell Testing System

九月 26, 2019

Performance Testing: Analysis with Zwick/Roell Testing System

Daniel Bantz

Daniel Bantz

Technical Manager, Packaging & Performance Testing

Syringes and Syringe Components

八月 30, 2019

Simplify the Journey™ – Facilitating Industry Changes

Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao

Director, Scientific Insights Lab, SA & TS


八月 22, 2019

What’s New in the Knowledge Center? Data analytics

Tara Haarlander

Tara Haarlander

Sr. Specialist, Scientific Communications

By Your Side for Expertise

八月 07, 2019

Scientific Insights Help Ensure High-Quality Outcomes

Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao

Director, Scientific Insights Lab, Scientific Affairs & Technical Service

Flex Fillers

七月 18, 2019

Flexible Fillers: What’s All the Hype?

Simon Cote

Simon Cote

Director, Technical Accts, TCS, NA

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