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六月 27, 2019

Industry Trends in Biologic Formulations

In 2018, we saw a record-setting year for new-molecular entity (NME) approvals (59) at the FDA1 versus 46 in 2017. 58% were for orphan drugs (patient population less than 200,000 in the US) with 17 biologic-based NME’s. Biosimilars are gaining traction in Europe, in particular. Major factors that are driving the market growth are next-generation business, high growth in chronic diseases, less expensive biosimilar drugs and favorable government regulations.
Victoria Morgan

Victoria Morgan

Director, Segment Marketing, Global Biologics

West FluroTec barrier film coating

一月 29, 2019

Effective Drug Protection for Plungers in a Prefillable Syringe System

Christa Jansen-Otten

Christa Jansen-Otten

Director, Product Management, PFS & Delivery Systems

Prefillable Syringe Components

十一月 26, 2018

Addressing the Demands of Modern Drug Delivery Systems

Royce Brockett

Royce Brockett

Director, Product Management, PFS

Introducing Integrated Solutions

十月 08, 2018

Introducing Integrated Solutions

Deirdre Swinden

Deirdre Swinden

Director, Marketing Communications

NanoPass MicronJet and Intradermal Adapter

九月 20, 2018

Studies Demonstrate Potential Benefits of Intradermal Injection

Doug Hostetler

Doug Hostetler

Sr. Manager, Integrated Services, Labs

Daikyo Crystal Zenith Insert Needle Syringes

八月 21, 2018

NASH: The Silent Liver Disease

Aileen Kinsella

Aileen Kinsella

Director, Segment Marketing, Pharma

Envision Verification Process

七月 16, 2018

Three Questions to Ask to Improve Your Injectable Drug Packaging Process

Bill Matakas

Bill Matakas

Senior Director, Product Management & Marketing Operations

Daikyo Crystal Zentih Leur Lock Syringe

五月 01, 2018

Addressing the Complexities of Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

Susan Dounce

Susan Dounce

Principal SME, Prefilled Syringes, Crystal Zenith, Combination Products

Vial Adapters

一月 22, 2018

Use of Vial Adapters Can Reduce Drug Overfill

Fabrice Berthelot

Fabrice Berthelot

Manager, Sales, Administration systems

lab viewing areas

十一月 27, 2017

Future Cell Therapy Treatments for Diabetes

Alex Lyness

Alex Lyness, PhD CEng

Manager, Research and Technology, I&T

NovaGuard SA Pro Instructions for Use

十月 16, 2017

Are You Protected Against Needle Stick Injuries?

Dr. Birgit Müller-Chorus

Principal Technical Subject Matter Expert PFS, TCS

十月 10, 2017

West Educational Series – Managing Risk in Injectable Drugs

Page McAndrew

Page McAndrew

Director, Scientific Communications, Scientific Affairs & Technical Services

十月 06, 2017

West RNS™ caps Now Available in Two Designs: ½’’ and ⅝’’ – We’ve got it covered

Christa Jansen-Otten

Christa Jansen-Otten

Director, Product Management, PFS & Delivery

NanoPass MicronJet600 and West's Intradermal Adapter

七月 06, 2017

New Technology for Delivery of Vaccines

Doug Hostetler

Doug Hostetler

Principle SME, Admin. Systems, TCS

六月 12, 2017

West to Highlight Rigid Needle Shields for Prefilled Syringes at PDA Europe Annual Meeting

Mike Schaefers

VP, Global Product Management and Marketing Operations

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