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六月 04, 2019

Are You Ready? Compliance with New USP Chapters <381>, <382>, <1381> and <1382>

It is imperative for the pharmaceutical industry to be prepared to comply with new compendia chapters as soon as they are enacted. This comprises both knowing of proposed changes as soon as announced and being well prepared to accommodate them. USP Chapter &lt;381&gt; is changing, and Chapters &lt;382&gt;, &lt;1382&gt; and &lt;1381&gt; are being created. The Pharmacopeia Forum for final comments has been published.
Daniel Bantz

Daniel Bantz

Technical Manager, Packaging & Performance, Laboratory

NovaGuard SA Pro Safety System

三月 14, 2019

The Importance of Safety Systems and Usability Testing

Jean-Paul Crepel

Jean-Paul Crepel

Sr.Manager, Prod Management, Pre-filled S&D

Various input outline for drug product and user needs

二月 18, 2019

How to Optimize Delivery for Drugs Delivered via PFS and Auto-Injector

Royce Brockett

Royce Brockett

Director, Product Management, PFS

Ecommerce desktop screen

二月 13, 2019

Introducing West’s Online Store

Carol Mooney

Carol Mooney

Director, Strategic Marketing, Biologics

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