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四月 03, 2019

The Challenges of Combination Products

On March 26, the Delaware Valley Chapter of PDA and West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. co-sponsored a workshop: Defining a Strategy for Combination Products, at West’s headquarters in Exton, PA. More than 150 people from 45 companies that provide drug products and combination products attended. In prior PDA events, combination product regulatory challenges have been cited often as an area both of interest and confusion. This workshop aimed to address them.
Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio

VP, Technical Services and Scientific Affairs

NovaPure 1 mL and 1-3 mL plungers

二月 06, 2017

NovaPure® Plungers for Biologic Applications

Christa Jansen-Otten

Christa Jansen-Otten, Director, Product Management

Petra Huhn, Manager, TCS Europe

West stoppers

一月 28, 2016

Modern Drugs Deserve Modern Packaging

West Author Logo

Jay Stephens, Ph.D.

Senior Technical Account Specialist

三月 16, 2015

Plunger Selection Critical for Dose Accuracy and Efficacy

Tibor Hlobik

Sr. Director, Marketing, PFS

六月 16, 2014

Reducing Foreign Matter in Drug Products

Royce Brockett

Royce Brockett

Sr. Manager, Marketing, PFS

十二月 02, 2013

Why is QbD so Confusing?

West Author Logo

Whitney Winters

Director, Sales, Emering Biologics

QbD  CQA  FEA  NovaPure  Quality  QTTP 

九月 30, 2013

Understanding the Quality by Design Philosophy

Tibor Hlobik

Sr. Director, PFS, Marketing

九月 13, 2013

A Comparison of Halobutyl Elastomers

West Author Logo

Technical Customer Support

七月 17, 2013

Quality by Design for Syringe Plungers

Tibor Hlobik

Sr. Director, PFS, Marketing