The old way:

Often limited by time and budget, developers would choose their vial, stopper and seal combinations based on component drawing specifications alone.

The new way:

Determining optimal fit based on large datasets of component dimensional measurements over the life of the West product - leading to improved predicted fit, manufacturing performance and integrity

The Future is here!

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Built on years of CCS manufacturing, development and testing experience


Accelerate development timelines by eliminating rework

Reduce Risk:

Mitigate container closure integrity issues earlier

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West can provide testing services to support container-closure system capping studies and performance as well as container closure integrity testing method development and validation according to USP <1207> and USP <382>, as well as fill-finish development support for your specific product

Knowledge Center

Visit our Knowledge Center for more details on improving container closure system selection using comprehensive stack-up analysis and big data analytics for parenteral container system optimization
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