SCHOTT adaptiQ® Vials

Ready-to-Use Sterile Vials

SCHOTT adaptiQ® vials are high-quality, sterile and ready-to-use (RTU) for the pharmaceutical and, in particular, the biotech industries, and can reduce time-to-market and increase flexibility. The adaptiQ® RTU vials portfolio is part of SCHOTT iQ® – the global RTU standard. The vials are supplied in harmonized and industry standard packaging configuration. The design ensures no glass-to-glass contact throughout transport, storage, and the entire fill and finish process, reducing the risk of glass breakage while maintaining high quality. The adaptiQ® portfolio aims to enhance patient safety while lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Sterile, Ready-To-Use
  • High-quality for patient safety
  • No glass-to-glass contact – mitigate risk of breakage, cosmetic defects, and particulate generation
  • Reduced time to market – increased flexibility
  • Lower total cost of ownership

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