Flip-Off CCS®铝盖


West的Flip-Off®CCS铝盖(清洁、认证、灭菌)具有市场内最高的质量以保证患者安全。 其设计可实现无菌操作,具有明确的微粒水平,并以无菌形式交付。

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With specified particulate and bioburden level, the Flip-Off CCS Seal is designed to meet the most stringent global regulatory requirements for aseptic standards. Compatible with glass or Daikyo Cyrstal Zenith® vials.

West's use of TruEdge® technology provides a seal quality of proven consistency, improving machinability performance as well as user safety and convenience. Our tightest cleanliness specifications for seals help maximize patient safety.


Flip-Off CSS Seals Specs

Unique Designs to Meet Your Specific Applications
Every day, West is working by our partners’ side to design and manufacture drug packaging and delivery systems that will bring their drugs from concept to patient efficiently, reliably and safely. West's concept design, development, engineering and project management teams can facilitate all steps necessary to take a product from concept to commercialization, including full validation and chemical and functional testing. Custom components can be provided in ready-to-use or ready-to-sterilize formats.

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