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January 21, 2013

West Argentina Provides Support to Those Suffering from Mental Illness

The West sales office located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, chose to support Obra Dominical Recreativa para Especiales, or O.D.R.E., (translated: Recreational Dominical Work for Special People) for the 2012 West without Borders fundraising initiative.  The civil association, which was suggested by employee Christian Jimenez, provides support and services to those suffering from mental illness. 

Employees purchased a variety of items to support the association’s efforts, including musical equipment, food, plastic chairs and products for handicrafts.

“Our employees are happy and proud to support O.D.R.E,” said country manager Rodolfo Garcia.  “The association is motivated to provide love and support to those in need through the collaboration of neighbors.  We are happy to help in whatever way each of our employees can.”

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