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July 11, 2013

Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Prefillable Syringe Systems: A Containment Alternative to Glass Syringes

Even though glass syringes are predominantly used for primary containment of parenterals, the (bio)pharmaceutical industry continues to cope with certain limitations associated with glass containment systems. This is especially true when the drug is administered via prefilled drug-delivery systems such as auto-injectors or pens where glass cracks and breakage can be a serious risk for patients.

Novel alternatives to glass syringes include next-generation polymer syringes from the COP (cyclic olefinic polymer) family, as used in the prefillable Daikyo Crystal Zenith® syringe system. Through break resistance, dosage precision and highly reduced extractables and leachables, plastic prefillable syringes present attractive benefits that are gaining increased attention from manufacturers seeking new answers to growing drug delivery and administration challenges.

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