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May 13, 2013

Tech Talk

With the explosive growth in social media, mobile devices, cloud computing and access to data both internal and external to West (now referred to as Big Data), West IT has been working to ensure that we are able to leverage these transformational trends. In 2012, we updated our IT strategy to allow us to be part of the revolution while making it feel more like an evolution. The initial phase began with investments in cloud technologies – both private and public – to drive down IT operating costs and to enable us to take advantage of software enhancements made by our strategic partners.

West IT also recognizes the changing world of work that mobility and social media have introduced. We are constantly striving to enable West to be more connected and productive, and we continue to simplify the ways we find and share information. This also means enabling devices and mobile experiences our colleagues will value and love. At the same time, West IT continues to be mindful of our security, manageability and compliance responsibilities when we introduce new technologies. Since more and more data is residing on smartphones and tablets, we are educating our employees on the impact of data to the business.

As good stewards, we all must protect company data. The number one way for data to get outside of the enterprise is through mobile devices and applications. That said, as mobile devices continue to propagate into every part of our lives, the demand for applications and for access to systems from these devices and through the cloud offer the best opportunity for IT to enable West to innovate. Whether through developing and deploying mobile apps to access existing data or enabling West to serve customers and partners better, mobile devices provide fertile ground for innovation so that West can be by your side in the connected world.

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