Westar® Select Syringe Plungers

Next Generation Quality and Service for Ready-to-Sterilize and Ready-to-Use Components

The Westar® Select brand builds on West’s industry-proven Westar® component pharmaceutical washing and sterilization processes that help to reduce the risk of variability and its potential effects on drug quality, safety and efficacy. Westar Select components can offer customers high-quality, consistent components with a tighter specification through a global product portfolio that enables supply chain flexibility and business continuity support.

Westar Select Logo

Westar Select plungers are a high-quality offering for pharmaceutical wash and sterilized products. They have a defined Global Product Portfolio focused on component capability with a tighter visible particulate specification and enhanced/industry standard AQL program. West has developed next generation quality for ready-to-sterilize and ready-to-use components to help customers meet increasing quality standards from global agencies and reduce risk.

Westar Select components are available in our premier formulations and provided in a variety of our high quality stoppers, plungers and cartridge designs.

West has done the work to ensure components are easily integrated into manufacturing fill-finish operations. From concept to market, West is there by customer’s side, helping to meet the many packaging requirements for their components.

Small Volume:

  • Ideal for testing or sampling needs
  • Available products ship within 72 hours
  • Westar® washed, gamma or steam sterilized bag formats

Bulk Bags:

  • Ideal for traditional cleanroom filling lines
  • Applicable for use with restricted access barrier system (RABS) filling lines
  • Westar® washed, gamma or steam sterilized bag formats

Ported Bags:

  • Designed for use with alpha-beta rapid transfer port (RTP) systems
  • Interlocking system designed to open only when both port doors are properly docked and integrated
  • Ideal for restricted access barrier system (RABS) and Isolator filling lines
  • Westar® washed, gamma or steam sterilized bag formats

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