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Graham Reynolds

VP & GM, Global Biologics

四月 27, 2012

Partnerships Help Build Integrated Delivery Systems

The number of biologic drug products marketed with an injection device has approximately quadrupled over the last decade. The growth in these drug therapies has been driven by several factors including new, self-administered therapies for chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases. In addition, injectable therapy is now being considered as a treatment for more conditions, including asthma and cholesterol problems.

As convenience and ease-of-use for home administration become desired attributes, the use of prefilled syringes and advanced delivery systems continues to grow. Drug therapy and treatment no longer relies on simply having an effective molecule, but rather the combination of a safe drug within a suitable container and/or delivery system, as well as an understanding of patient needs as it relates to adherence. By working closely with a packaging system manufacturer that has generated partnerships with companies like assembly equipment manufacturers, filling companies, human factors experts and design companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers can select, design and/or develop an appropriate system that maximizes the chances of moving a product to market quickly with an optimal drug and packaging combination that can be used by the patient or a caregiver as effectively as by a health care professional.
To be successful, an integrated system must combine the needs of the patient or caregiver with the drug, its primary containment system and its delivery system. When manufacturers are able to combine an effective drug product with expertise in container closure systems and design technology, including a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s filling requirements, and high-quality manufacture at all stages, they will better meet the needs of the end-users while improving overall value and reducing time to market. However, delivery options with difficult drugs are slim. Users are currently required to either receive multiple injections or an injection at a higher dose, which might mean using intravenous delivery.
Whether seeking to create a custom integrated delivery solution or to package a drug product in an existing delivery option, such as an autoinjector, pharmaceutical and biotech companies should seek out a partner with expertise and experience in providing packaging solutions. Packaging manufacturers who are focused on providing quality solutions will have the knowledge and partnerships in place to ensure that all four key elements of an integrated design are met. New and innovative drug delivery systems can optimize the quality of life for patients by effectively managing the interrelationship of the four primary components: the drug, the end user, the primary container and the delivery system. Partnership with West offers a unique opportunity to partner with the leader in drug containment technology, and an experienced player in the device world, with a range of innovative solutions to meet the needs of todays’ drugs. Together, packaging and pharmaceutical manufacturers can work seamlessly as partners to provide innovative solutions that help mitigate risk, encourage patient adherence and enhance value through unique integrated delivery combinations.

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