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二月 16, 2015

West Launches High-Quality Flip-Off Plus RU Seals

West is pleased to announce the availability of a new sterile drug vial seal, the Flip-Off® PlusRU seal. Part of West’s Flip-Off® seal product family, these new ready-to-use seals help pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers protect the safety and integrity of their drug products while meeting regulatory requirements for increased drug cleanliness and safety.

Based on the West Flip-Off seal, the Flip-Off Plus RU seal is bioburden controlled and specified before sterilization, and compliant with clean crimping requirements.  The seals are available ready to use and play an essential role in keeping injectable drugs safe.

Flip off plusru seals

They ensure that drug products in vials are sterile and free of contaminants and particulates that could present risks to patients.  This sterile, high-quality seal helps pharmaceutical customers consistently achieve reproducible and safe container integrity for drug products while ensuring low levels of bioburden and particulates, which may help make drugs safer for patients.

“Clean sealing matter now more than ever. Changing regulatory guidelines have increased the demand for reliable seal solutions,” said Dr. Mike Schäfers, Vice President, Global Marketing, Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems. “Using high-quality sterile packaging components minimizes the risk of external contamination, line stoppages and equipment down-time. With Flip-Off® PlusRU seals we can help our customers to increase their operational efficiency significantly while meeting the highest market and regulatory challenges for increased drug integrity and safety.”

Flip-Off® PlusRU seals are manufactured using the TrueEdge® manufacturing production process providing precise, consistent and reproducible seals with a smooth, even bottom edge, which addresses requirements for high-speed filling and reliable capping success.

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