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Aileen Kinsella

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四月 04, 2017

New Solutions for Diabetes Glucose Monitoring Aid Patient Success

Glucose monitoring, or measuring the amount of sugar in the blood, is a vital part of everyday care for those suffering from diabetes. Traditional tests require patients to prick their fingers and place a drop of blood on a test strip. The strip is then placed in a glucose meter that reports the results to the patient. While this test is very accurate, it offers a reading for only a single point in time. For patients to get a range of their blood glucose levels, more frequent data is needed at a variety of different times.

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Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can provide real-time measurements that allow a patient to track patterns and trends. CGM devices can be worn for longer periods of times – from several days to multiple weeks – thanks to a small sensor inserted under the skin that can transmit data to a handheld monitor. Over the course of the sensor’s life, patients can track blood glucose trends through continuous data to better control their condition by maintaining a steady range. Such monitoring can help reduce the chances of long-term issues associated with diabetes. Such devices also have alarms that will notify patients when their blood sugar levels are out of range, helping to prevent life-threatening situations.

Flash glucose monitoring offers a cost-effective option for accurate testing over a period of time without the hassle of traditional finger pricks and test strips. Like CGMs, flash monitors can be worn over a longer period of time through an on-body sensor. A wireless touchscreen device is used to physically scan the sensor to provide readings. The data is not continuous, like CGMs, but the device provides frequent readouts and trend patterns for the patient, which can be complemented by the patient checking his or her glucose levels as frequently as desired to maintain control of desired glucose levels over time.

Continuous glucose monitoring and flash glucose monitoring offer patients simplicity and convenience for testing and monitoring their blood glucose range over a longer period. The systems may also connect the patient to their caregiver with downloadable reports.

Our West Contract Manufacturing team works with pharmaceutical partners in the diabetes market to develop processes to manufacture glucose monitoring devices that can enable patients with diabetes to conveniently and more comprehensively manage their blood sugar levels.

Contact us today to determine how West Contract Manufacturing can support life-changing solutions to enable better diabetes care.

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