Christa Jansen-Otten

Christa Jansen-Otten

Director, Product Management, PFS & Delivery

十月 06, 2017

West RNS™ caps Now Available in Two Designs: ½’’ and ⅝’’ – We’ve got it covered

The global prefilled syringe market is growing rapidly, and approximately 60% of prefilled syringes use staked needles. To help ensure the integrity of the drug products contained within, the majority of staked-needle prefilled syringes use Rigid Needle Shields (RNS).

West's RNS Cap

West RNS caps help preserve and protect the integrity of injectable drug products for ISO prefilled syringes with a staked needle. Manufactured from best-in-class elastomers designed for prefilled applications, West RNS caps combine the sealing properties of soft rubber shields with the rigidity of a medical grade polypropylene cover. The shield safeguards against needle tip damage and deformation during removal from a prefilled syringe, and offers a comfortable design for healthcare providers and patients to help ensure proper de-shielding. West RNS caps are compatible with common safety devices.

West RNS caps are offered in two different lengths and designs:

  • The ½’’ RNS cap is used for needles for subcutaneous drug injection, into the tissue layer between the skin and the muscle.
  • The ⅝’’ RNS cap needle length is used for intramuscular drug injection.

West RNS caps are designed for easy distribution and orientation on syringe assembly lines approved through different vendors. The soft part is molded with a special precision injection molding technology, which results in tight dimensions.

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