Cathy Chhour

Cathy Chhour

Sr. Technical Account Spec, TCS, NA

八月 13, 2019

Webinar Series: Navigating the Changing Regulations

Commitment to the safest and most efficient delivery of drug products requires a detailed understanding of the constantly changing regulatory landscape. Recently West presented a webinar series discussing the current regulatory requirements for packaging/delivery components and systems, to support not only customers, but the industry as a whole. Each averaged more than 300 registrants – clearly showing the interest in these areas.

Navigating the Changing Regulations

Part 1: Elemental Impurities - testing strategies and world-wide pharmacopoeia requirements that affect quality, safety and efficacy of drug products

Part 2: Container Closure Integrity: Six Keys to Simplify Your Strategy and Execution - holistic strategy to ensure that container closure integrity can be maintained to protect sterility over the shelf-life of drug products

Part 3: Demystifying Product Performance Testing: Strategies to Qualify Combination Products - combination product testing strategy based on risk considerations and guidance from widely-accepted standards

Part 4: Navigating Particle Challenges in Sterile Drugs from Component to Patient - strategy for measurement and management of particles, as one of several factors needed in the effort to deliver safe drug products

Each webinar focused on a West technology thrust area. Through the Integrated Solutions platform, West maintains the expertise and facility to support customers not only in navigating the global regulations, but also in designing and performing the studies needed to demonstrate compliance from development through commercialization and beyond.

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