100 Years of Being By Your Side for a Healthier World™

In 2023 West turned 100. A milestone we are very proud of, and something few companies have the opportunity to celebrate. Over the course of our 100-year history the West name has come to mean so much to so many people. For us, things have always been personal; that’s why every product we develop has a patient's name on it. Each one tells a part of our story; another step towards building a healthier world for everyone. On this page we share stories that spotlight sections of our 100-year history.

A Commitment To Quality :

An integral part of the healthcare industry, West’s top priority is delivering quality products that meet the exact product specifications and quality standards customers require and expect. This focus on quality includes excellence in manufacturing, scientific and technical expertise, and management. At the manufacturing level, this means producing clean, sterile, high-quality components to minimize disruptions to the supply chain and bringing safe, effective drug products to the market—and to the patient—quickly and efficiently.

Proprietary Packaging Containment and Drug Delivery Products
Contract Manufacturing Services

West Contract Manufacturing services harness a powerful combination of innovation, technology, infrastructure and expertise to serve the pharmaceutical, medical and consumer industries. In addition to our more than 50 years of experience, we bring customers quality, safety and reliability in injection molding, contract assembly and finished packaging from eight locations throughout North America and Europe.