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Global Communications

July 03, 2013

West’s NovaGuardTM systems help keep healthcare workers and patients safe from needlestick injuries

On July 2, 2013, announced the expansion of the NovaGuard portfolio of needle safety products. The NovaGuard SA(Staked-needle Automatic) system, formerly called the B.Safe syringe system technology, is now part of the NovaGuard system technology platform of syringe safety systems that build on West’s expertise in safe drug administration and needlestick prevention features.

The NovaGuard SA system technology has been introduced to provide a global solution for reducing the risk of needlestick injuries around staked-needle prefilled syringe systems. Prospective customers began evaluating NovaGuard SA last year, and West is expanding capacity to meet expected increases in market demand.

The range of solutions also includes NovaGuard LP (Luer-lock Passive), a passive safety system for Luer Lock syringes that features a plastic shield that surrounds the needle before injection, leaving only the needle tip exposed for injection site orientation. West has previously received 510k clearance for the NovaGuard LP system.

NovaGuard™ is a trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United Sates and other jurisdictions.