Eecho Wang

Eecho Wang

Sr. Specialist, Global Communications

June 15, 2021

West China Receives Recognition from CNPPA for Pandemic Efforts and Thought Leadership

We are delighted to share that West China has recently received two acknowledgements from China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA), an industrial authority in China, for West’s continuous efforts in supporting the healthcare industry during the pandemic and insightful sharing on scientific thought leadership.

West China CNPPA Recognition

  • Outstanding Contributions Fighting Against the Pandemic

The pharmaceutical industries stayed on the front line to fight against the pandemic since its breakout last year by demonstrating professionalism and overcoming all the difficulties, West China team provided continuous support to the critical healthcare supply chain and working with our customers to deliver the solutions against the COVID-19 virus. CNPPA recognized our efforts for helping safeguard people's lives and safety at critical moment, which is a testimonial of how the West team is fulfilling our commitment for a healthier world.

  • Readers’ Choice – Most Popular Award

On the CNPPA annual meeting, two of our team members, Lynn Yao, Manager, SA, China and Candice Sun, Specialist, SA, China have received another award for their insightful article that is well-received among readers. With solid facts and comprehensive analysis, the article gives an overview and guidance on Container Closure Integrity considerations for sterile drug packages, helping readers know more about the importance of scientific affairs in pharmaceutical packaging and enhancing West’s image as a scientific destination in the industry.

Congratulations and thank you to all our team members in China for your continuous commitment to supporting the healthcare industry and improving patient health! Click here for our Chinese website and if you are interested in more West scientific insight, visit West's Knowledge Center.

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